Ardiciocca Fulham is a traditional Italian gluten-free trattoria and pizzeria

A celebration of authentic cuisine, where you will experience true Italian tradition in London. Simply great ingredients of the finest quality, produced by beautiful people. 

“We want to share with the world that raw ingredients are more than just raw ingredients. Instead they are the stories of the people and places that have nurtured them.” 

We believe in selecting the best ingredients and cooking them simply whilst respecting the traditions and know-how of our ancestors. 

Located in the heart of Fulham, Ardiciocca is your local Italian gluten-free trattoria and pizzeria. Roberto Costa and chef Matteo Riganelli bring you authentic Italian cuisine that is true to tradition, yet only uses naturally gluten-free produce. 
Ardiciocca, offers a dining experience like no other. The specific selection of our products, and the stories behind them are fundamental in our traditional restaurant. Our cuisine pays homage to both the traditions and the people who protect the quality of these ingredients. 

At Ardiciocca, we use simple ingredients carefully selected from small producers and farms, to ensure that every ingredient is treated with the utmost care and respect from the beginning to when it lands in our kitchen. We believe that flavour, colour and texture should not be compromised in the pursuit of eating delicious food. As a trattoria, we want our guests to enjoy food full of tradition, culture and care. In a society where we are often in a hurry, our cooking philosophy is instead based around the original Italian recipes of our ancestors who weren’t concerned about time, and would devote hours to creating the perfect stew. 
With the combined knowledge and passion of Roberto and Matteo and the rustic, warm and welcoming atmosphere, Ardiciocca brings you the warm feeling of home with delicious meals inspired by a celebration of Italian cuisine.

Where to eat in Fulham? Right here, you will experience a traditional meal in one of the most delightful surroundings, which sets it apart from other Italian restaurants nearby. 

We prove that gluten-free doesn’t have to mean compromise, now whether it’s the best gluten free pizza, we will let you decide!

“Good memories and warm feelings, just like home”

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